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Bronco Info: 1985 351W C6 Going thru severe Chemo and Radiation Therapy
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Some fun factoids about #bov1

Project started - 01-12-15 KJ was 10 years old

-63 working days later roughly 141 man hours on the Bronco

First major obstacle 04-21-15 Broke Ass Focus

-99 working days of recovery from the accident

Restarted the project 9-10-2015

-58 working days 130 man hours and 271 total.

Second major obstacle 12-4-15 Last Post before going dormant...

Restarted the project 11-25-2018

-746 working days later, gone but not forgotten.

Today 2-27-19 - KJ is 15 years old.

-69 working days 155 man hours 426 total.


Days since starting - 1,507

Estimated man hours to-date - 426
I am sure it is many more than this counting all those that helped me along the way. I figured only myself for the estimate.

Total cost of labor at my Trackmobile labor rate $56,232.00

Kind of puts it all into perspective doesn't it!

3 Generations together on one Project, Our build thread, meet Patches.....
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