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Originally Posted by biggum View Post
You may find it does the same thing with a push bottom. Whack the solenoid when itís sticking first. If the starter disengages when you do, youíll know itís not ignition related.


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I think he got the sticking/screaming starter thing solved in the post quoted below. If I read this thread correctly, his original problem was that it wouldn't crank. He then bypassed the NSS, but got the wires crossed up & had power from the reverse lights circuit feeding the solenoid which caused the starter to run on. He undid the crossed up NSS jumper, & now is back to a no crank issue. He has no voltage on the "S" wire to the solenoid, so is wanting the pushbutton to start the truck until he has a chance to track down the actual cause.

Originally Posted by end user View Post
Yah had the wrong ones jumped. So figured out which is what and top switch is reverse and bottom nss. Just put the truck in reverse and watched which wires turned off the reverse lights. Now I jumped the proper ones and no go on engine start. So would I be looking at the relay on the fender or the fuse for the relay?

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