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Changed the wiring to the starter,starter relay and the small wire from relay to the starter. All of the wires were burnt at one end or the other. Bigger, Better, More Power!

I put heat shrink on all of the ends, on the #2 cable the heat shrink started out huge and ended up like this.

My battery has brass post so I replaced the lead terminals with brass terminals with studs. All of the terminals presently are connected to the positive and negative terminal of the battery. This is just to get it running. I intend on using a 250 amp 4 post bus bar to spread things out a little.

I also replaced all of the emissions vacuum lines. Most of them were broken

I did not have all silicone lines so I had to utilize some rubber. I do have silicone lines in route but as of yet they have not arrived.

The dull battery tray did not work out more on that later. I am going to have a mechanic friend of mine hook up the electric fans so they turn on with the air conditioning.

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