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What DCR does the 351 like and still run pump gas? I imagine the 7.2 would be fine. Depending on temp, I could even run 87.

The $3500 was just the shop bill. However, I had quite a bit done by my machinist that you may not have to do. I have $5000 plus in it.

Aside from the usual processes, he did the following;
Connecting rods bushed for smaller pins
Connecting rods set up for studs
Mains setup for studs, which necessarily includes line honing.
Crank ground, straightened, and reground.
Larger valves put in, and bowls milled out larger
Rocker pedestals milled and setup with studs
Measure and install new pushrods

He had a lot of work in my odd-duck 300, and said it was a bit of a challenge.

309ci inline 6, 9.75:1 CR, Big Valves, ROLLER ROCKERS, Clifford intake and headers, Schneider 140H cam, DUI HEI ignition, 450 QFT 4bbl carb, Saginaw swap, FlowKooler water pump, Steel timing gears, 2.5in y-pipe into a single 3in cat and borla muffler.
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