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Originally Posted by El Kabong View Post
I think he got the sticking/screaming starter thing solved in the post quoted below. If I read this thread correctly, his original problem was that it wouldn't crank. He then bypassed the NSS, but got the wires crossed up & had power from the reverse lights circuit feeding the solenoid which caused the starter to run on. He undid the crossed up NSS jumper, & now is back to a no crank issue. He has no voltage on the "S" wire to the solenoid, so is wanting the pushbutton to start the truck until he has a chance to track down the actual cause.
Yes exactly. Now what's my best power source for the push button? I'm guessing a positive wire that is only energized when the key is in the run position connected to a push button and the wire continues to the S post on the starter replay?

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