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Bronco Info: 1994 w/ 351 EFI 5.8L, K&N, 31" KO2 on 15" Outlaw II's
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I had a very productive week, being in college I was very fortunate to be able to spend my spring break wrenching and making great progress on the build.

I started off with stripping down the bronco down to the frame.

From there we started mocking up the frame for the D60 front end. I used sky offroad's f150/bronco SAS kit. Overall its a well made kit, but I'm kind of disappointed by the rear shackle mounts they not 100% perfectly inline with the springs but they're very close and I'm not too worried by it. For springs I used 99-04 U code Super Duty springs. Once all the measurements all lined up I welded up the front cross member and bolted in the rear shackle mounts.

After getting the front end sorted out we moved to the rear end and got the Sterling 10.25 mounted in. This was a very easy bolt on project with using U codes in the front I bought a set of 2800lb F250/F350 springs for the rear, they may be a bit stiff but it leveled the truck perfectly and will making towing much more nice. The stock bronco rear drive shaft fits almost perfect but the pinion angle isn't quite correct, but I haven't shimmed the perches yet so no worries there.

The bronco sits probably 4 to 5 inches higher than it was with having all that fender gap I went and bought a set of 75% 37" military goodyear wrangler MTs for $400 with rims. Sadly the whopping 7 inches of back spacing humvee the rims had horrible fitment issues and wouldn't even bolt on the D60. Luckily got a set of what looks like AR Outlaw style rims for 100 bucks.

Once the axles were mounted I started on the motor mounts I did what Mushs88 did and weld on the f350 motor mounts in the oil filter hole of the bronco x member.

From this point here's what the bronco looked like

After probably 2 hours of monkeying around I did what many say is not possible or a good idea and that's install the 7.3 with the transmission still attached and it fit liked a glove.

Once it was in I mounted a set of bellowed pipes I got from full force diesel which need a mild amount of massaging to fit but they're in there and no rubbing will happen either. I also mount my diamond eye 3" down pipe i had to use a crowbar and bend the exhaust shield ever so slightly to fit with no rubbing.

Here's where my week ended I got the front clip installed

I have to run new front break lines in the front end and once that happens I can put the tubs and fenders on and start working wiring and hooking up all the coolers. I have to sort out my fuel delivery lines and return lines still. I think I'm going to uses the stock F350 lines from the block to the tank selector valve and then a short length of hose and then the bronco fuel lines post fuel filter to the tank. I have to also modify the BKO sending unit, for that I'm planning on copying what Mush's did and braze on the strainer and return on the BKO unit.

1994 Bronco XLT 5.8L. Egine: MSD Ignition, Ford Racing plugs, Bassani Exhaust and offroad Y pipe, shorty headers. Interior: LED Interior, Expedtion console swap, explorer OHC swap
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