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Took it the alignment shop this morning. It was a bit of adventure driving it on the back roads near my house.

They were able to set the toe of course. But instead of them taking out the current bushings, seeing what they were, then checking to see if they had the right ones, I decided to just add the adjustable camber bushings to my next Rock Auto order coming up shortly. They told me they'd install the bushings / set caster and camber, then reset toe without charging full price.

Alignment after toe adjustment

Truck rides and drives pretty damn good. Lots of rattles from loose interior panels etc - I'll get those sorted.

But it's pretty damn twitchy going down the road. I've been digging through and researching alignment specs and especially how they affect lifted TTB setups.

So right now my specs are:

Left = -.5
Right =+.9

Ideally I'd want the following for Camber:

Left = .0
Right = -.5

Right now my Caster is:

Left = 2.4
Right = 2.7

Ideally it should be:

Left = 4.0
Right = 4.5

I think I'm going to order two of these:

ACDELCO 45K0136 : Front; Cogged Head; Original Equipment Type; Plus or Minus 2-3/4 Degree

That should allow the adjustment I need
Right = 4.5

At 250K, I'm sure the OEM steering box is not exactly operating at peak performance. I know I'm doing the Saginaw pump swap and I'm debating on doing the Redhead steering box upgrade.

Just ordered a new Sag Pump, cap, and van pressure hose as well.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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