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So the gauge cluster in the '95 EB (tach cluster) works okay, but the white plastic housing which holds the instrument cluster is busted all up, apparently from previous owners forcing things apart. So I found a cheap tach cluster from a 2WD F150 (pre air bag for 92-93) at the local junkyard. I tore it apart last night and removed everything, including the printed circuit panel from the housing. The plan tonight is to take the '95 cluster and transplant over everything to the new housing. I'll do my best to remember to take pictures in case anyone else ever needs to try this.

Word to the wise - after a LOT of research and comparing Ford EVTM diagrams, the PRE SRS / Airbag clusters (92-93) are wired totally different than the '94+ clusters. The newer clusters have about 10 more wires coming into the harness than the older ones.

Need to order some front sway bar drop brackets. Apparently one of the previous owners made their own. It doesn't drop the bar down low enough and the bolts from the links have actually "self-clearanced" themselves against the lowest part of the front most shocks (quad shock option).

So front shocks will be on order soon as well.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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