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Got tied up - no progress. But more parts rolling in.


- BBK headers
- Jegs off road Y pipe to replace the Frankenstein monstrosity on there now
- Ford Performance spark plug wires
- Cap and Rotor
- Water pump
- All hoses
- Thermostat
- Water outlet

On the way:

- Door panels
- Another 4wd dash switch for testing
- Air pump delete bracket / pulley
- AC delete bracket / pulley (will eventually refresh the entire AC system but don't have time to deal with it right now)
- Adjustable camber bushings

I'm debating on ordering extended brake lines - since it looks the OEM lines are still installed - they aren't stretched bad or anything but they are 24 years old and I plan on a complete brake flush / going through.

Also may end up replacing the hodge podge transmission cooler lines (nice braided lines with good fittings from the trans but spliced into the OEM stuff near the radiator) and adding a stand along trans cooler.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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