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Originally Posted by jowens1126 View Post
I also ran into trouble with the BBK headers. They didnt match up to my Y pipe not even close. The muffler shop had to cut and weld in new flanges because the Y pipe flanges were too small. Also, I used Stage 8 locking fasteners and on one position I had to heat and beat the pipe to get enough clearance for the retainer ring to fit. Very disappointing. BY the time I was done modifying it I could have gotten a Bassani Y pipe and headers.
Yeah, the BBK's are going back. Already ordered the JBA's. So the seller, a large, well-reviewed shop on Ebay, after I started the return process they sent me a message through Ebay. Basically "Did you call BBK? We don't normally stock these so it will cost use money to take these back."

Really? I responded with - BBK says deal with the retailer. We'll see what happens. Good thing it's Ebay and Paypal.

So I installed the Rough Country front sway bar drop kit today. I found it on Ebay for $44 shipped and the seller turns out is 15 minutes from me. They have a store front - speed shop / 4wd shop - ended up getting it for $35. Heck yeah. It's nice to have a local place that keeps stock.

The previous owners, somewhere along the line, used 3" bar stock and made their own drop brackets. That's fine - I make stuff all the time - problem is the sway bar needs to be dropped and moved FORWARD and they just dropped it. They also installed the bolt on one of the dog bones BACKWARDS. Between that and the bar not being moved forward, it actually dented the bottom of the shocks (quad shocks) in front of the axle.

The Rough Country kit bolted right on. Dropped it further and moved it forward off the shocks. Went and drove the truck and put gas on it.

Truck has a decent alignment on it. The adjustable camber bushing I bought will get the camber and caster closer to the sweet spot - but it's not off really bad. It seemed to really want to wander. There is definite play in the steering box - it isn't in the column. Not sure if the steering stabilizer (aftermarket installed by previous owner) is helping or hurting.

Got back to the shop - checked the pressure in the tires - and it has 40 PSI in 3 and 30PSI in one.

Set 'em to 35psi. I'll take another drive tomorrow before I start the engine tear down.

Talked to a friend of mine - who wrenches on 4x4's daily - and we talked about aftermarket steering boxes - and while he had positive feedback on Blue top and Redhead - he also said for the money it was hard to beat a AC Delco Professional box. Apparently they replace the bearings and seals.

I know about 4 bolt boxes etc. For what the truck will do - I think a OEM replacement will be good - considering I can get it for $120 shipped after core charge refund.

Also need to check to see if there is slop in the axle pivot bushings as well. He told me these can cause the TTB to wander over the road. He said try these first if mine look halfway bad.

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