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There's a 93 XLT at U Pull & Pay Cincinnati. It looks like it's been sitting for a few years, but from a couple stickers on it, it is apparently from Texas. It does not have the typical rot that we see around here. It's a shame it ended up in the yard, it looks like it would be a good candidate for a restoration. There's typical rust in the rear wheel arches and the the tailgate has a hint of rust at the bottom, but I believe it is salvageable just by sealing and painting (I have it in my garage, window was apparently broken by the tortion bar). The doors and fenders don't even show a hint of rust.

Of course I don't know the mechanical condition or the miles, but it's a very original specimen. I don't know if they would sell it complete at this point, but if someone on here would buy it to restore, I would sell the parts I've picked off it to them.

I can supply the vin if someone wants to look it up or get a Carfax.
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