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Got under the truck and checked things over.

The front shocks are shot. The lower bushings are pretty much gone. The rear sway bar end link bushings are shot.
The rear shocks are the appropriate Skyjacker 7000 Hydro shocks and look new.

The radius arm bushings look like they were replaced when the lift was installed. I'll throw poly bushings on the list but not towards the top.

Found this weird, welded - sort of - bracket on the passenger side inner frame rail. Strange. Anyone seen anything like it?

And my transmission leak looks to be coming from where the transfer case mounts up...add that gasket to the lift. Straight forward enough - drop the drive shafts, 5 bolts and drop the transfer case. Replace the gasket.

Considering dropping the drive shafts off at a local place that rebuilds them and balances them. Got to drop them anyway.

Still can't believe how clean this thing is underneath. Hit it with the pressure washer and some engine cleaner after the pics were taken....hopefully it will allow me to get a better look at the axle pivot bushings. Hard to see with the axle pivot brackets.

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