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Realize my truck hadn't had the Cruise Control switch recall done yet. Just ordered in on Amazon (less than a $1 more expensive than Rock Auto and free shipping). The cruise control system IS installed on the '95. I'm an idiot. Apparently when you are going back and forth between 2 different Bronco's engine compartments checking things out - it pays to remember one is a XL with no cruise from the factory.

JBA headers should be here tomorrow. Supposed to get a return label for the BBK headers (through Ebay / Paypal) by tomorrow. If it doesn't show, I'll just initiate a refund with Paypal.

Scored a REALLY good deal on a new Autometer Sport-Comp Electric Oil pressure gauge:

For the inevitable posts to come about not trusting electric gauges - gauges have come a long way in the past 20 years. Also, I've had both copper and braided oil pressure line fail on mechanical oil pressure gauges. Hot oil inside a vehicle sucks. Especially when it sprays it all over the underside of the dash and wiring.

So I was looking for a matching electric Autometer Temperature gauge and scored it and a direct fit 2 gauge pod for the Bronco for a good deal:

I think I've decided to wait on the tear down on the engine until the front (4) shocks I ordered get here. Want to get them installed and see how the ride is and go from there.

Ordered them yesterday from JBG - I've never dealt with them, so not sure how fast they ship.

This thread is more for me than anyone else - much easier than keeping a notebook like I've done with past projects. Easy to get sidetracked with so many areas I need to go over and troubleshoot.

Also found a local guy parting out a '95 - so I have a line on a cheap set of gauges with tach. '94 and up gauge clusters are different simply because of the SRS / Airbag system. Really want to get that taken care of and see if there are any codes being thrown I need to address.

Also need to check the fill plug on the transfer case and see if it's over filled - that would definitely tell me the transfer case input shaft seal is bad - and that would definitely explain the ATF leak.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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