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Got some more pics today after cleaning it a bit last night.
So it looks like the axle pivot bushings "shell" or heat shield was tack welded to the beam:

A wider look:

I ordered some Energy suspension bushings where I can reuse the outer shell, but wondering how this will mess with the install

On the plus side I don't think the brackets are going anywhere:

Got the JBA headers in. Mocked it up with the JEGS off road pipe. Much better.

Noticed some wear on the radium arms bushings as well. Had to look really close, but I'd rather do it all once than go back at it.

Will order energy suspension bushings here as well. Since my brackets are drop brackets and they are bolted in - I'll just try to break the nut loose, then just unbolt the bracket, drop it, replace the bracket and hopefully move on.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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