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So after searching I was almost sure that the Black Energy Suspension Poly replacement bushings for the Axle Pivot Bushings reused the OEM metal shell. Got them in last night. Nope, they come with their own metal shell. I'd rather not fight this thing. Turns out the Prothane bushings:

or 6-601 BL for black bushings - use the OEM metal shell when replacing the Axle pivot bushings. Turns out the local 4 wheel parts store stocks them. Will get my GF to pick them up for me today. I want ALL the parts on hand when I start tearing into things.

I can't STAND having to stop to order a part or go get a bolt etc etc. From my experience it adds WAY too much time to a project.

That being said, the shocks from JBG arrive today. I'll go today and pick up a couple of 5/8" short bolts to block off the EGR ports in the back of the cylinder heads, pick up some new Grade 8 9/16" bolts for the axle pivot bushings as well as a 1/4" pipe extension and Tee for the oil pressure sender port on the block. That way I can keep the factory "Gauge" and also plumb in the electric Auto meter gauge I bought.

The MINT door panels I scored from a junkyard in WI came in. They WERE mint. Before they got cracked in shipment. No packing material and they really didn't fit into the box. Already emailed pics to the junkyard and they do a lot of online / shipping parts so here's hoping I won't have to do a charge back on my card.

There is a local guy parting a '95 Bronco - I can score the gray panels out of that cheap and between the multiple sets, I'll plastic weld and fill and paint to come up with a good front set.

Last parts order for a while (hopefully) coming up shortly after I tear into the tailgate and see what parts I need.

Will start with axle pivot bushings tomorrow after work. I've read and searched a TON - and apparently the easiest way to do them is one arm at a time - with the tires on the ground and the suspension neutralized (rolling the truck back and forth before starting). I will give that a shot first.

The radius arm bushings (I ordered black poly) I'm not too worried about. I'm going to just put a jack under the arm, break the nut loose - then drop the entire drop bracket since it's bolted on.

After that I'll get the new shocks on, the new front sway bar dog bones and rear end links (they are toasted) and see how it drives. If I'm satisfied at that point, I'll start engine tear down then after it's back up and running, I'll take it to the alignment shop with the 2.75 degree adjustable camber bushings to see if they can shoot for these specs:

Left Camber = 0
Right Camber = -.5
Left Caster 4
Right Caster 4.5

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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