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Made some progress yesterday. Got the 4 new front shocks on.

I"d say it was about time.

You can barely see where the shock body was modified to clear the spring. This is even in the instructions for the Superlift kit. The new shock bodies were thinner and fit just fine.

The drop pitman arm. Thinking about ordering the one that drops it even more. That would make my steering linkage sit almost perfectly horizontal.

This is the worst rust on the underside of the truck. Yes - I'm pleased.

New vs old. Looks tight, but the clearance on the spring was good.

Front swaybar stayed off for the test drive because I got sent two left end links. Drives better. Still wanders a bit much for me. Took off the large steering stabilizer and took another drive. Steering immediately was lighter. Not as heavy handed. Returned to center much better - but still a bit 'jumpy' for me.

Next up is axle pivot and radius arm bushings - it needs them regardless.

After that is full alignment with the adjustable camber bushings. If it's still not up to my standards, I'll likely replace the tires (they have some mild dry rot on them anyway but no abnormal or heavy wear etc).

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