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Got the driver's side axle pivot bushing replaced.
I've read tons of different threads / posts and ways people go about doing it and I did it a bit differently.
I didn't jack the truck up. I rolled it back and forth a bit in neutral, trying to unload the suspension as best I could. It might be totally wrong or useless, but that's what I decided to try.

I put a floor jack under where the driver's side axle pivot bushings bolts in....just enough to try and take off tension. Heated the bolt up a bit, not long, and hit it with the impact and the bolt came right out. Axle beam dropped.

The bushing was in pretty bad shape:

Not enough room to get in on that bushing with my ball joint press. So I drilled out the the rubber bushing that holds in the metal sleeve in the middle. Then I was able to knock out the metal sleeve. Then I used a screwdriver to get the old rubber out of the sleeve.

Now this is where I cost myself a BUNCH of time. Instead of running to the store and getting the right attachments for my dremel to clean the rubber out of that sleeve, I tried all sorts of different things. I should have went straight and gotten what I needed.

Once I made the trip to the store, the wire / abrasive wheel attachment on the Dremel made short work of the old bushing and I was able to get the sleeve totally smooth and clean. Lubed up the new bushing, pressed it in, put the new metal sleeve in and put the outer bushing / cap on it.

Now the fun part.

Tried to jack up the axle beam and the bolt hole was just off enough to not let me get the bolt in.

Finally jacked up the driver's side, frame on a jack stand, took the tire off and let the suspension droop. What I learned was it's very particular where you need to jack up as a pivot point to line it all up. I jacked up under the driver's rotor, using a block of wood on the jack, and I was able to get the beam lined up enough to knock the bolt right through and get the new bushing installed.

I'll attack the passenger side tomorrow night. I think I'll jack up the passenger side, remove the tire, let the suspension droop, remove the old bushing and go from there.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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