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While I had the truck apart and crawling under it - one of the rotors are toasted on the back side. I knew the brake pads needed replacing, but it needs rotors too.
With the miles on the truck and the fact I don't trust previous owners, looks like I'm ordering some more parts.

I like to take things apart ONCE if possible, and since I don't know the complete maintenance history of this truck..

- New rotors
- New brake pads
- New inner and outer wheel bearings and seals

I'm debating on just ordering new spindle bearings / seals and doing it all while I'm in there.

Gotta check the build date on the '95 to see if it's 2 piece wheel seals or not.

Well on the bright side, I'll know the entire front suspension is new.

1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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