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Originally Posted by Handy_andy_cv64 View Post
I have a feeling, regardless of telling them that all you want's a pad slap, they were gonna throw a bunch of other parts at it anyway. If they did not give you an itemized, computer printed, estimate, then yeah, run like Hell. I fricking hate unscrupulous shops. All they should've done was put a disclaimer that you sign that says, "Customer-requested repair." That removes any liability from them.

Edit: I'm gonna be visiting family in the Panhandle sometime in June or July; where are you located again?
You're in my neighborhood; it was Commercial Tire.

They didn't used to be that way, but apparently they've changed their business model:

No matter what service you want; they give you a WHOLE rebuild/repair estimate.

I'm next to the capital; in Meridian.

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