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Just got back from the pick n pull. That 96 exploder was still there and the motor was untouched. I didn't see any sign of a wreck so is the engine or trany blown?
So I figured I'd pull the heads anyway. Worst case, they could be cracked.
So what did I find? #1 cylinder, apparently the rod must have broke because the Piston was beat to hell. A bit of maring on the combustion chamber area but the valves aren't bent. Overall the heads are fine. I'll send them off to my machinest for a resurface and 3 angle valve job.
I got those and the upper intake to go with the lower I got last month. I saw a old mustang GT so I thought I'd see if the ecm was still there. It was. A9L ecm 91 model. So I can do sefi and mass air if I choose to.
I'll post pics tomorrow.
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