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Back when I still fixed cars and trucks for a living full time I used to catch some flak from older guys about my tendency to recommend oriental brands because of their build quality and reliability. Now that is well known to be true. Sadly, most of those old guys are dead now....used to know an old guy who was in the Bataan Death March...pretty sure he would never buy a Jap product,...wouldn’t blame ‘im...but time goes by. My dad had a ‘78 dodge truck, maybe ‘79. Nothing but trouble, burnt valves and crappy carburetor and crappy everything...finally he got a Toyota and I didn’t have to be helping him constantly... that old guy who called Metric things ugly names , (silly #%*¥€ millimeters),( and worse ), finally had an older vehicle he could afford that wasn’t constantly broken. He tought me SO much about dealing with messed-up threads and broken bolt extraction and just plain sitting back and relaxing when you’re stumped with a problem and just have a cigarette and think instead of doing something irreversible...miss him sometimes...

I have been known to sometimes sing “The Hero of Canton” song from the tv show ‘Firefly’ while making breakfast on a weekend morning....
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