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Originally Posted by fodder View Post
What's your technique for shaping the ends where the tubing meets? Just lots of grinding and checking? I just did some of that and found it to be slow going, with imperfect results.

I usually just eyeball it

The center hoop, i have a jig for cutting the angles on that one, that i built years ago when making tube steps for a quad-cam ram. So i just set the hoop in there, and adjusted it til the angle was right. So no real thinking involved in that one.
The two on the end, one is a mirror image of the other. The first one was the driver side; i eyeballed it and cut it, and was damn near on in the first shot. The bottom end needed a second cut, the top end just needed some minor grinding. Then bent the second, copied the angles over to it, and mirrored them. I wish i could say theres more to it, but not really. Its just that ive done it a couple times before, and already knew roughly what theyd look like when cut. Ive used the paper trick before and it works pretty good, but not on such a heavy angle like the top has. You can get contour gauges that get you pretty close pretty quickly as well, but theres definitely an art to it i think. Usually i can get it pretty close on the first shot, but ive also made a lot of mistakes on cuts over the years too No angle finders; i find it easier and quicker to just eyeball it, and do some minor grinding if need be.

All that said, i spent probably an hour on those two pieces, but that does include setting up the smaller die in the bender. Once i had the shape, the second went quickly.

I bought one of these (carbide tipped sawzall blade), which has been a huge help in building the front bumper. Yes only one, and yes its still going strong. It seems its going to last forever, and makes nice straight cuts quickly.

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