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Ok, so it took me about three or more years to realize my 1990 Bronco, Eddie Bauer had a Tilt Steering Wheel, I still wouldn't have known if my Buddy didn't say, push the blinker lever forward!!!Yes I did feel stupid, but excited too.
So, the other night were heading home, the wife was driving, because I had a beer, or maybe two?? And it was raining, all of a sudden, the wipers stop, then start, then stop then start, I'm like what the heck did you do to my Bronco, she said, I didn't do a dam thing to your Bronco, I said, well how did you get the wipers to do intermittent??? She said well, I guess I went past the OFF position one click, I'm like are you shittin## me, this thing has intermittent wipers??? She said, well yes, didn't you know that??? I said, gimme another beer!!!
Well, I've only had it 5-1/2 years!!
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