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Originally Posted by dash_cam View Post
i try to follow this thread so when i post i am not just posting about myself. i'm not very good at it...

i bought another bronco yesterday. the plan is to do some work to it and sell it for a profit. we'll see. i've lovingly named it
"silver". which is a reference to the lone ranger's horse - silver.

i've considered making a thread for it as i go through, as much for my reference as anyone's. we'll see on that, too.

on the way home

at home

the FS pictures. i almost didn't even ask because of the passenger wheel well. however, that's easily the worst part. the interior is really nice as far as stock interiors go. and the wheel well really does betray the rest of the vehicle. the frame looks as good as, if not better than, my bronco which was in AZ for most of its life until i brought it to north texas.

the FS pictures

and the wheel well
This would definitely be a woods truck if I owned it. I found myself wishing my truck was not in as good of shape as it is now while I was in Moab. I wanted to get down and dirty with alot of the other guys but was afraid to mess up my nice fenders and such. A truck like this would be a great woods truck....



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