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Over the years I've carried a lot of stuff in my Broncos with the tailgate down, but all but one of them had the inside spare.
My '94 has the outside spare, and one time I needed some lumber, I took the spare tire off the swing-away mount (to cut down the weight of the tire hanging unsupported on the swing away mount.) I took a bungee and secured the swing away mount to the tailgate so it wouldn't swing out into the next lane, and I padded the tailgate with a towel (IIRC) where the tire mount hits the tailgate when the gate is down.
The trip was about 10 miles on some 2 lane Lapeer county roads. The last mile was a dirt road.
It was always easier with the inside spare Bronco's ('87, '92, and '96)
As long as you have the spare off the mount and the mount secured so it doesn't swing wide, you should be fine. I wouldn't recommend driving with the tailgate open and no weight on it, as it will bounce up and come down to a sudden stop. There is no shock absorbing give in the check cables.
Good Luck

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