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Originally Posted by CrazyBRONCOguy View Post
If anything I will say that the 1991 and older trucks are more like the 70's vehicles then the 92+ trucks basically work like modern vehicle when it comes to these functions. I could totally see how this may happen, if all you where used to driving was stuff made from the mid 90's and newer.
Its one thing I really like about the Bricknose trucks, all the old school feel, but still new enough to have EFI and an OD trans with lock up converter.
Actually I think my 1990 Bronco, is the newest FORD I've ever had, let's see, I had 1965 Galaxie 500 sure miss that car, 1969 f100, 1972 4x4 High boy, 1975 F100 4x4, 1985 F150 4x4, I still have a 1992 Mustang, 1964 Comet 2 door, 1954 Lincoln 2 door, and my newest edition 1978 Bronco. I thinks that's it
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