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And that's pretty much how it currently sits. Again, broken down. However, this time, it was self induced! I drove it 900 miles out to Moab, UT for the FSB Invasion. As I pulled in to my camp spot, my fan starts banging on something, so I kill the engine. My 1200 mile old harmonic balancer had delaminated and slid an inch forward, hitting the fan. Not to be deterred, and with the help of some friends, I came up with a clever band aid; the wrench for my fan clutch.

It worked. For about 2 hours of trail time on Fins N Things. One finger of the wrench broke off and the other was close to doing the same. So I sat and waited for a new balancer to come in.

After that was fixed, I took her out on Hell's Revenge and subsequently overheated about 5 times and broke the centering stud on the Double Cardon joint on my rear driveshaft. But I limped it home and to the show n shine, making a terrible noise. I found the issue, and removed the rear shaft, and drove in front wheel drive to get parts.

Drove home the next day, and made 700 miles. Only issue was loosing the bolts out of one of my collector flanges. The next morning, 150 miles from home, I feel like I'm bareback riding a 5000 pound horse bucking its heart out. I barely get it pulled over from the left lane and stopped. Oh boy...

Time to get a tow.

Got to a shop, recommended by AAA, and find a completely trashed spindle, lockout, one bearing, one and 2 halves of the lock nuts, and a crumbling caliper piston. Watching the mechanic set the bearing preload, I know I did em too tight.

Luckily, they had it completely fixed by 4 the next afternoon. I made it the next 150 miles home, limping and loud as a banshee, but I made it.

So this brings y'all up to the speed of things.

Future plans are as follows.

Fix the other side of the TTB and swap to chromoly shafts. Also a new driveshaft for the rear.

Swap to dual electric fans instead of the mechanical fans. Also modify a spare hood with vents for extracting heat from the headers.

Roll Cage

Modifying a ranch hand rear bumper with a spare tire carrier and chopping the ball mount section off for better clearance.

Wiring and mounting up the 50" LED bar i have, above the windshield.

Maybe some sort of half doors.

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