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Originally Posted by SRWillis View Post
With all the amazing work you've done on BOV1 I don't see how you couldn't

I had missed this thread before somehow, but just went through most of it and Great work resurrecting this Bullnose neighbor I'm sure your son has picked up some valuable skills along the way too

Lookin' forward to seein' it back on the road, as I'm sure you and KJ are too!
I appreciate your kind words! KJ has learned a lot from the project. it is growing long in the tooth and we are ready to get it out of the garage! 1 step at a time though. I have thrown all time related goals out the window at this point, I got tired of letting my self down and being disappointed in the progress. I go out when I can, I do what I can. Its getting there slow but sure. Thanks again man!

3 Generations together on one Project, Our build thread, meet Patches.....
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