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So some ongoing small projects..
I removed the cargo cover for repairs. The part/end responsible for retracting works fine. The vinyl also looks good. But the end where it pulls out with the handle has some issues. The metal bar was bent and the pin that locates it in the panel on one side was broken. The pin on the other side is still intact but starting to bend. I removed the 2 screws holding the handle in and then the whole metal bar slid out of the vinyl. I straightened the bar but still plan to slide some solid bar inside to beef it up.
Hereís a poor picture of the bar clamped in the vice.

Hereís the pin on one side (obviously the non broken side).

If you look closely in this picture you can see one rivet I removed already which is responsible for locating the pin and allowing it to slide. You can also see the rivet that is still in place which is what the spring pushes against.

And here is the non broken pin removed with its spring still attached in its groove.

I gave that pin to a friend yesterday. Heís going to machine me 2 new ones out of aluminum (or stainless), whichever he can find at work. Heís doing it for free at his busy job so I may not see them for a bit..

Also, since I installed the bench seat I no longer have front cup holders. That just wonít do because Iím always thirsty. My 2000 ranger has a floor console that I like a lot. So I found one at a junkyard for $25 in excellent shape (junkyards around here are usually useless since all my vehicles are old).

Itís nice because itís easily removable with its own mounting bracket. But the broncos floor is much more slanted than the ranger floor. I cut a piece off of my street sign pole to raise the front to a perfect height. Just need to cover that piece and the gap up front (Iím thinking a black piece of plastic or something).

Should have some more updates soon..

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