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So I tried the overhead console fix in the above referenced thread. Capacitor did leak out and I put in the new one from Digi key. First time powering it up the display lit for the first time. A few seconds later it shut off. Only came back on the 4th time attempting to start it. Won’t come on at all anymore, guess my circuit board must be done. Now looking into finding the explorer overhead console parts..
Then I pulled apart enough of the dash to access the dash pad hardware.

First off let me say that rats nest of loose electrical connections and wire nuts bugged the hell out of my ocd.

My dash pad had a lot of cracks in it. The one I found only has one crack on the front and an abrasion on the side.

My broken Eddie Bauer dash trim vs better condition one.

Much better..

And the mini copilot loves the new digs.

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