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So progress has been slow on everything. A week and 1/2 ago I fell through a rotten board, tearing open my shin and spraining my ankle. Ended up with an infection and a few days in the hospital but im walking now mostly.
Big bronco axle is still progressing and hopefully I can bump that thread soon.
I didnít get any pics of the process but the overhead console is now working with the explorer parts (and I actually have another overhead console to fix similarly).

I noticed this bracket broken just after buying the bronco. You could lift and move the whole dash on this side.. Here the broken bracket is visible with the kick panel removed.

Had to cut out part of the broken stock bracket then used the reinforcement one from desolate motorsports.

Made a huge difference but I still need to install the bolt that holds through the side of the dash. Just didnít have the energy to remove the door which looks like the only way.

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