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This guy is a funny dude. He must not have anyone else interested. I'm used to FB and CL deals disappearing in the first day after I contact them.

For me to tow it right now I'd have to use my wife's Pilot with a uhaul dolly or trailer as my truck is weighed down for a while and I have no trailer. I went and priced that out before getting back to him and that'd put me about $75 in the hole +gas.

He was only available after 8pm yesterday so I said maybe tomorrow (today) and he said he was only available between 8:30-9am. He also said if that wouldn't work that he wouldn't be available until Monday, I'm assuming he's out for the weekend. What a wacky deal.

I asked if he had any more pics of it and he said no more until next week.

I'm in no big hurry on this deal and apparently neither is he. I'm just hoping the rest of it looks pretty decent and the driver side isn't caved in or something stupid like that. He did mention that it has been sitting for over 5 years and that "it might start with some fresh gas and a new battery" so I'm assuming the engine isn't broken. So...if this actually happens sometime next week maybe it'll be as easy as emptying the tank and cleaning the carb and it'll fire up.

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