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Well I'm not a buyer for your truck at 1k. lol Though at least it is a 4x4. I'm not sure what your truck would fetch around here. I know people can get these trucks cheap in the southern states and a lot of people in the rusty areas ask for heaps of money. I'm kind of in an area where the pricing is all over the place. Sometimes a very pristine looking truck comes up for 4500, sometimes it comes up for 15k.

I honestly think it's the flatbed turning people off. Well, that and the 2wd. If I had room for it and it turns out to be what I think it is (very straight truck) then I'd totally keep it. I think a flatbed would come in handy some days.

The town he's in has a population of about 1500. He said on the northern side of that town, so he's probably out in the sticks a little, which looks about right in those pics he posted. I'll patiently wait.

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