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Looks like I'll be picking it up around 6pm tomorrow due to work schedules. I got to his place juuuust as the sun disappeared, so I got about 5 minutes of looking at it with faint sunlight and then the rest was by flashlight. Not ideal, but it was good enough. I asked if he'd take less than 600, but he said no and that he had other guys interested and would only lower the price if the others wouldn't take it for 600. Was he bluffing? Possibly. Was it worth 600 regardless? I thought so.

Here's the overall rundown on it. It's a '77 F150 Ranger XLT LWB 2wd with a metal flat bed frame that has a wooden floor (plywood). It has a 460 with C6. It has cruise control, intermittent wipers, and ac. Someone has added headers to it. Other than the headers, the flatbed, and a crappy aftermarket tape deck, it seems all original. It still has the OE hubcaps and everything.

The only real bad stuff I saw was that the headliner was hanging down mid air in the cab, a little bit of damage to the driver side front fender, and there's some rust on the floorboards underneath what looks like carpeting from someones home. The rockers look ok and so do the cab corners, so maybe I caught it early enough to save the floorboards. I couldn't get a real good look at the underside with the way it's sitting.

I took a 1/2" ratchet set with me and attempted to turn it over by hand and it did. I could hear the compression letting off out the valves as I'd slowly turn it, so I'm assuming that's a good sign. Has the factory 4bbl carb. Minus the hay, yellow jackets, and mouse crap, I think it's a pretty good deal. There are a few more little things, but nothing scary, like a busted turn signal lens.

It was dark and I took these just before I got in the car and left.

It's probably not, but I noticed a color on the steering gear and rubbed it to see and it is indeed red. I could only hope someone put a redhead steering gear on it. What are the odds of that??? You can kinda see it in this pic.

I think this is part of the cruise control setup. I've never seen one in person, so I'm pretty excited about it regardless if it works. Pretty neat!

I'm super stoked. I don't think this was the guys favorite truck to have around. He said it was his ex-wife's truck and that she was a fan of Fords. Funny stuff.

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