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Anyone have tips for de-mouse turding this thing? I power washed it at a local car wash in the wee hours this morning before pulling it off the dolly and parking it. I got most of the bird crap and mouse turds off the bed and cab and did what I could under the hood without putting the nozzle down the air cleaner snorkel. This is the first time I've had to deal with a nasty interior. Also, I will say the aroma of mouse droppings when you get them nice and wet really hits the spot.

I was gonna pull the bench seat out, yank the carpet up and attempt to rinse out the floor with my hose at home. Not sure how great of an idea that is, but we'll see how things go once I start stripping the inside a bit. Obviously I'm not gonna just blast the inside of the cab with water, though it sounds tempting.

I'm gonna pull the heater box apart before attempting to turn that on. I have a nagging suspicion that it might have a mouse house in it, same with the air cleaner. I found one corpse in the headliner right at the edge, not sure how I missed that the first time I looked in with a flashlight when I first went to look at it, but it was staring me down yesterday when I was messing with things getting it loaded.

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