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Uhhh... So plans are ever changing. The top didn't go back on the Bronco and the hoist hasn't moved quite yet.

I acquired a new project truck with a flatbed, so I used my time getting that hunk o' junk squared away. However... I'm thinkin' I can put the engine on the flatbed now and that would make things easier for me to fiddle with considering my limited space. It should be fairly easy to get the engine onto the flatbed as well.

I'm also thinking about that 460 sitting in my back room. I'm gonna try to finish stripping it down a bit. I'll probably just get it to about where my broken 460 in my truck bed is at as far as tear down and then take the short block to a machine shop and see what they think about it's condition and go from there. I just really want to get it out of the back room.

I have this weekend off (fri-sun), so I effin' really need to get motivated and actually complete some... stuff. I have multiple projects going on at the same time if you haven't noticed, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I get wore out or bored of stuff at times and being able to switch to a different vehicle with different needs really keeps me going.

I promise to get some more tear down pics this weekend! I gotta get that topper on the Bronco, then the hoist out, then the engine is getting flipped over and spanked. Who knows, maybe the crank is still good since all the rods are still attached to it keeping the journals covered. Ya never know! I'm remaining optimistic!

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