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The radiator was empty when I got the truck. It took about 3-4 gallon jugs of water just to top it off. I spent the other day attempting to flush the cooling system out, but it's gonna need a lot more work with the amount of brown water that kept coming out. The truck doesn't appear to be overheating or anything when I let it idle a long while, but I'd still like to clean it out and get some fresh coolant in there.

I removed the bench seat and stripped out the carpet. There's a bit of rust on the floorboards, but it's mostly where your dirty ass wet feet would rest and not by the rockers or cab corners. I think I'll be able to wire wheel it clean and seal it up with some paint and save the floorboards. Whoever installed the carpet used left over stuff from their house. They even went as far as to bolt it to the floorboards in various places with screws and big fender washers which was amusing.

I'm going to invest in some new, proper carpeting. I can get it from Stockinteriors for a touch over $130. I had a few swatches sent to me to look at. I got some blues and some greens. The greens were for my F100 though as I was curious what they had since my F100 has no carpet at the moment. I'm not sure I'm going to stick with green in that truck, but it's nice to get some ideas.

Here's a pic of the swatches, I took it on the Bronco's rusty hood out in direct sunlight. I haven't been taking many pics of my projects lately, so shame on me. lol I'm thinking one of the two blues on the far right for the flatbed truck. I think the top right is the closest match to the interior and exterior paint color, with the bottom right being a few shades brighter.

I could also go with a molded vinyl floor as it's only another 5 bucks or so from the same company. Might be better off that way considering the types of use a flatbed truck would see.

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