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Still daily driving this one, and taking care of some small details.
The window sweeps were in very poor shape. Hereís the ones from the drivers side. Not only are they cracking but theyíre bent like someone had them out before.

Good as new..

So maybe a couple weeks ago I was driving home in a bad storm. Hit a bad series of potholes at speed and my rear window basically exploded. Here Iím drying it out from all the rain.

Not sure how it broke but my best bet is that the tailgate unlatched on the drivers side allowing the tailgate to move, and the force put the corner of the window right into the hard top..

But itís a good thing the 92 is sitting there in pieces right now. Stole the glass out of it..

This 92 bronco keeps paying for itself.

Another issue is the tailgate glass moved a lot with the deteriorated weather stripping. Just an example of how bad it was.

Now fits snugly.

Saw someoneís thread about the tire carrier bushings so I figured why not. Mine had a lot of play.

I had to drive the new ones in because they are a tighter fit.

And I got this little bracket that pins the carrier open in a few different spots.

Donít think Iíve posted a picture with the spare cover before.

So since I bought this bronco the tailgate latches have been finicky and the handle didnít work. Couldnít figure out the handle til I noticed the bracket that the rod from it inserts into was bent. Opted for a new one since the metal seemed a little fatigued.

Just a rewarding picture because itís the first time Iíve been able to put the tailgate access panel back on.

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