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Not much progress at the moment. The vinyl flooring that I ordered is scheduled for an August 1st arrival. I'm gonna see if I can source some sort of material to make a new headliner from and I'm probably going to cave in and buy 5 new lenses for the roof lights. They all work, though a few are missing bulbs and 4 out of the 5 have no lenses.

I looked at the rear end back during the first couple of days I had it to see what gearing it has, but the axle tag is gone. My '75 had its axle tag, my 77 does (it's sitting on my dresser for some reason), and my Bronco still has its on the axle, so I'm wondering if the gearing's been changed. I doubt it though. The warranty plate on the door has the axle code 13J, which, according to Fordifications charts, 13 is listed an an open rear with 2.75 gearing. Based on my drive over to the machine shop with it I'm willing to believe it. My 77 with its 302 has the same gearing and even though this 460 has about 90hp more from the factory this truck sure doesn't take off from a dead stop much quicker. It'll spin the tires, which my 77 is unable to do (sad I know), but that's about it for speed.

Just thinkin' out loud.

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