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Woke up to a couple of boxes. That should be the last of all my deliveries for my various vehicles... for now.

I was able to get 5 new lights for the roof off Amazon for about $20 after tax. I had considered getting a different style of lens like the clear or smoked lenses, but thought the regular orange lenses would be best. If it had new paint and everything was fresh and shiny the smoked roof lights would probably look slick, but not on this rustina mess.

The box says 80-97, but I saw customer pics on the listing that literally showed guys with 73-79 trucks with these lights on them. That and, to me, they look the same as what's already on there.

My vinyl flooring also arrived. It's from ACC, but several sites resell it without specifying that. Of course, directly from ACC is the most expensive. I looked for the site with the cheapest price including the shipping costs. Shipping is not cheap for this big box! It comes with the vinyl flooring and jute padding to go underneath. That'll do, pig.

I still need to mess with the heater in the truck and get it functioning. You can hear a click over by the box under the dash when you turn it on, but nothing else happens, so I'll look into that. I've yet to really mess with things. I'll probably pull out the glove box and install the antennae from my 75 F150 that I saved. I knew it'd come in handy, but I didn't know how soon that would be. This truck has one, but it's snapped off at the base. Lucky me.

Once everything is done I'll try to make a couple bucks off of it and see what happens. I've tried to replace what it needs to run and drive and what I think would make this thing more appealing without going too crazy. Uhh... shit. lol With the price of buying it, getting it here, getting it running, and fixing up some things, I think if I can sell it for $1500 that I'd make a few hundred off it, but that's about it. Obviously I'll start a bit higher than that, but anything over 15 would be gravy. If no one buys it then I guess I'll start a business hauling crap off to the transfer station on my days off for extra cash. lol I ain't worried about it. Come on memaw, I'll take that couch to the dump for ya.

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