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Originally Posted by AbandonedBronco View Post
I have a 2 groove pulley on both my alternator and power steering pump, but unfortunately, both use the back 2 grooves on my 3 groove harmonic balancer. The front groove is for the A/C only.

I tried dual large 62" belts that went around both the alternator and PS pump, but it left way too little surface area on the balancer that it squealed so loud I thought it was going to burn the belts off (they were pretty hot).

I just can't seem to find a setup that has enough grip on the alternator to get it to work. I can if I leave the PS belt off, but that's no long term solution.

Any ideas?
I'm not running AC at this time, so what I did was space the PS pump bracket out 3/4" to use the front pulley so I could use both rear pulleys to drive the alternator.

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