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So far so good. I'll have to pick up a belt today that fits to give it the final test, but the pulley went on without a hitch.
It was very snug, but also went on smoothly. I'm definitely glad I didn't go with the 3/4" as I think 0.750 would have been too lose. It very much feels like 19mm (0.748") is the correct diameter.

Wish I'd had time to clean it up and paint it, but I need to get my steering back, and I have a trip planned for this weekend. So it goes on dirty.

It's probably 1% smaller in diameter, if that. Nothing to be concerned about.

For future reference: E3TC-3D673-CA

Pressed on. It now lines up with the front pulley! It looks a little crooked since the PS pump bolts are loose.

I'll report back once a belt is on it.

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