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Miss September

Go gators

I know all out Clemson. My wife is from Anderson so I have history with that part of the state...… yes they have some of the most beautiful southern ladies I have ever seen. I use an analogy about Clemson to motivate my employees. It goes like this

1) why do you think Mike Tyson would knock people out in under a minute
2) Answer: They where not ready to fight Mike Tyson
3) Why does Alabama win so many games
4) Most schools are not ready to play Alabama
5) In order to beat Alabama you have to be just as mean and physical on both sides of the line. They don't do anything special... They are just mean and physical.
6) Clemson is the only team I watched matched that toughness... and beat them at their own game. Because every time Alabama would smack them in the mouth... they got back up and smacked them back.
7) Everyday you come to work be ready, prepared, and you will always succeed... No matter what you do.

Now living in Atlanta.... I have gone to a few Georgia and Georgia tech games.

Georgia... full of hotness
Georgia Tech.... Not a hottie to be found

I had tickets in the student section at Georgia Tech. I spent too much time just trying to find something that might pass as acceptable (after 8 or 9 beers)…. No luck. Great engineering school... but no eye candy
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