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Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
I disagree with their statements:

They are just lying because they think firearms is the problem.

Heres one:

Disregard for human life is a "mental illness"

Antisocial Personality Disorder. People with antisocial personality disorder characteristically act out their conflicts and ignore normal rules of social behavior. These individuals are impulsive, irresponsible, and callous. Typically, the antisocial personality has a history of legal difficulties, belligerent and irresponsible behavior, aggressive and even violent relationships. They show no respect for other people and feel no remorse about the effects of their behavior on others. These people ware at high risk for substance abuse, especially alcoholism, since it helps them to relieve tension, irritability and boredom.

Mental Illness Is:

-Kids that kill their parents
-People and kids that write and draw about harming and killing others
-Fantasize about killing or harming people
-Think mass shootings are cool like the Dayton shooter did
-the list goes on. These mass shooters are mentally ill, how about that mentally ill South Korean
that shot up Virginia Tech?
Antisocial Personality Disorder!?
This is my wife completely! Her picture shows up when you “google” A.P.D. not ever an excuse for a mass shooting.

The people doing this are Monsters and these horrible monsters should be killed before anyone even hears their name on the lame news. Just my opinion.
PS and i think the parents and immediate family are lame too, there has to be people close enough to the individual to know something is horribly wrong. Normal, happy people don’t create monsters and if by chance they do, they should have seen it before it happens.
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