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Thanks for replying guys.

Spoke with an old Ford mechanic and here the '94 never has O2 sensors so I am back at square 1.
Still havent checked if I have new codes, will do that, and will also change my grey ICM for a black one. (Changed them before without the cooling part, just to see if I could feel a difference but didnt feel it any difference.)

Anyone know anything about the computer references? Cant find too much on the web. I would think that this would reference to needing an O2 or not...

Originally Posted by AbandonedBronco View Post
Sounds like you had a previous owner who thought that removing "all that emissions junk" would equal more power.

You have to have an O2 sensor for it to run right. There's just no real way around it unless you get some custom aftermarket controller.

There are a good number of no-weld options out there that you can do in your garage.

Before anything else, get an O2 sensor in your system so that your computer can start managing the fuel and timing system. Otherwise, it's like trying to fix a leaking faucet when the valve is open.

As for the cats, I don't know about your particular year, but not having a cat can also set off the computer. You may need to install one as well to make it happy. Others might have better info on that.
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Love my '94 truck, but she's fighting me all the way... Hope to one day trust it enough to travel the country.
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