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How to use search (Advanced)

This is where the Advanced search function is located. (Under the Tools Tab)
It appears in almost every page you could go to on this site.
Click on it to enter Search

If you want search by user name enter it here.
The pull down menu can be switched between threads started by user or post by user.
"Posts by user" will find every post ever by a user
"Threads started by" will only find threads started by the user.

This is where you would enter a key word if you wanted to search by key word.
The pull down menu can be switched from "Search entire posts" to "Search thread titles only"
"Search entire post" will search the entire contents of every single thread on FSB.
"Tittles only" will just search the thread tittles

Find threads with
If your only interested in threads with many replies, you can set that option here.
If your only interested in threads with few replies, you can set that here too.

Find posts from
If your only interested in newer posts, you can set that here.
Same with older posts.

Sort results by
This has two panels to choose from. The first one sorts the order by groups.

The second changes the order of the search results from highest to lowest or oldest to newest and vice versa depending on the criteria you set in the other "Sort results by" window.

Show results as
You can pick either threads or posts.
Threads will show each thread as you are use to seeing it, click on the thread to read the posts.

Showing them as posts will show you the actual post in the thread that has the keyword or user name you are looking for. It will have a link to the thread and a link to start the thread at that particular post

Search in forum.
This lets you select which forums you want to search in.
Say you want info on a 351m, you could set the search to only look in 78-79

Sorry for the big picks, it was the only way to keep them clear

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