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Daughter is now in Chemo... any advice?

This is for the follow up appt. for my 2 yr old daughter to make sure the hole in her head is healin up good. Read that story HERE

Will be commin up early Sat morn. Stayin at the Travelodge on Powell & 82nd on Sat night and on the OHSU campus Sun and Mon night. if anyone wants to get together (Mark or Tim ) P.M. me and i'll give you my cell #.

Not bringin my truck, ridin in The Grand Caravan, but would really dig a chance to meet you guys and see your rigs in person.

This has been a really stressful situation and hopefully will be commin to an end.



If you read this thread and have any ideas or info on resources that I can contact, lemme know. Anyone who knows what she may be in for, I would like your perspective on this.

Baby Girl
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