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We got back late wednesday night. havent been postin much. seem to be sayin the wrong things lately.

Got a phone call this morning. they finally got the toxicology report. calling it an "eosiniphilic granuloma" but they also want her back for blood tests and an MRI of her whole torso. So we will be leavin on Sun again for Portland. She goes into Hemotology at 10am Mon and has an appt with Oncology Dept later in the afternoon. MRI is scheduled for mid-morning Wed. All at Doernbechers Childrens Hosp.

I think they are lookin to make sure she doesnt have:

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis




Hand-Schüller-Christian Syndrome

Which are mo' badder. Sure hope not.

Another week away from home. whoopee. maybe someone will gimme a call this time. felt like i was stood up for prom.

The Ronald McDonald House is a sad place filled with sick kids. But it beats a motel. They have bedrooms with baths and community kitchen/living/play areas. the kids get to play in a rec room with tons of toys. they have computers with internet, PS2's, big screen tv's, books, and just about everything to occupy just about everybody. You have to share in the house chores and clean your own room (including washing the linens) before you leave. Starbucks donates pastry/bakery goods every day. they have Seattles Best coffee. They had lunch from Baja Fresh brought in one day. Tons of food for everybody.

All for $20 a night. Being poor, that helps out a lot.

Anyway, Mark, if you read this and want to meet up, gimme a call on my cell. Any body else want to help take my mind of stuff, pm me and ill give you my #.

If not, its kewl. whatever. just thought i'd share, in case anyone was wonderin.


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