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I'm sitting in a room at Doernbechers tonight wondering WTF?!?!?

my beautiful 2 yr old Princess is sleeping peacefully beside me unknowing that tomorrow begins hell.

the diagnosis on the tumor that was removed is "Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis". you get either just one or you get em all over. guess what she got?

the blood tests they did all turned out ok, just showin that she has inflammation somewhere. the MRI of her head didn't turn out so good. she has another mass in her neck (what they thought might be inflamed lymph nodes) and one inside her skull pushin on the brain. if the ones in her neck get any bigger it could cut off her windpipe and/or put pressure on her spine causing all sorts of probs. same with the one in her skull. bad things like seizures. the whole body x-rays show one on her 9th rib (which has weakened the bone enough to fracture it slightly) one on her vertebrae at the 12th rib, one on her right hip, and one in her chest (which they just CT scanned about an hour ago to get a better pic of).

this stuff is not cancer but is as serious. fortunately the stuff can be treated with chemotherapy. dies off just like cancer cells do when hit with the chemo. they are going to do surgery Tues. to implant an intravenous tube inside her chest that will deliver the drugs right to her heart and into her system. they are also going to biopsy some of the stuff in her neck since its at the surface and they can get to it.

so my brilliant beautiful precocious little girl is now gonna go thru chemo hell for a year. losin the hair, bein sick all the time, the whole bit.

my wife is a wreck. she is at teh Ronald McDonald house in our room with my 4 yr old daughter and her mom. she has been cryin her poor heart out since 1130 this mornin when the doc showed us the pics from the MRI. I'm here in the hospital room with my angel. i was watchin her sleep and just cryin. this has been the worst day in my life as a parent. i hope no one ever has to go thru this. but at least its not cancer.

we had to let some things (bills) slide to make the trip up here. I'm goin home early Fri morn to take care of some stuff over teh weekend and because i have a work comp doctors appt on Tues morn that i cant miss. i wont even be up here when she goes into surgery. i don't know what my wife will do.

my dad in N.C. said he was gonna send some dough which will help get us outta the hole and take some stress off the wife. this is definitely hittin us pretty hard. emotionally, spiritually, financially.

thanx to David (davids78bronco) for the call. lifted my spirits that day for sure.

Thank you Kevin (96broncoEB)for the e-mail and the offer. it meant a lot to us.


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