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im at Doernbechers Childrens Hospital in the Oncology Ward North, Room # 11. not leavin for Cali til early early tomorrow morn. they actually have pc's in each room with web access.

on the diagnosis part, i figure they got this one on the nose. they have teams of docs workin on this. the tumor they already removed came back from pathology positive as Langerhans and everything else is pointin that way. this place (OHSU) has more specialists in this field here then prolly the whole rest of the state and washington too. maybe add in Cali too. i'm confident they know what they are doin.

Thanx fer the kind words Mark. we'll prolly stay in Portland for a couple more weeks and follow up in the oncology dept at Rogue Valley in Medford for the rest of her treatment with occasional trips up here.

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